You may have read earlier on Pocket-lint that Chrome OS machines are not too far away now, and an interesting feature on the newest builds of Chromium (the open source platform upon which Chrome is built) hints at a couple of possible future twists for the platform.

The feature is a not-yet-functional touchscreen UI keyboard (revision 79125). And whilst Windows 7 has led to the introduction of a number of touchscreen AIO devices, there's hope that this inclusion could mean touchscreen Chrome OS laptops down the line.

Or, perhaps, a Chrome / Android tablet system which utilises the touch controls, or even a Chrome based browser for non Android tablets?

It's all speculation at the moment, but it certainly makes sense for Google to look at ways of combining the power of its two operating systems, especially in areas where it doesn't yet hold a strong position - i.e. the notebook market.

And for this, it would make sense for Chrome to be free from the mouse and keyboard shackles.

We'll be keeping an eye on this one, so be sure to check back for developments.