Having been caught up in the UK iPad 2 online ordering debacle, Pocket-lint wonders if it would be better to brave the queues for the next Apple launch - most likely for the iPhone 5. However, the thought of sleeping on a grubby London street, probably in a dried patch of Stag weekendee's pizzle, simply for the sake of avarice is enough to put us off.

That's why Apple should employ the talents of Import Export Architecture, and its amazing Urban Camping project. We'd happily pay to camp outside the shop, if we had a patch of turf to call our own.

The construction, which features four platforms each with their own, for want of a better word, sod, was tested in Copenhagen, Denmark back in 2009, but hasn't been deployed anywhere else as of yet. However, the Antwerp-based designer has now updated its concept, cunningly rebranded UC II, as a part of "larger global investigation, repurposing existing territories for camping and designing shelters tailored to the urban environment."

And we think the outside of the Apple Store, Covent Garden would be perfect for repurposing, hint, hint.

That said, with only four platforms, and therefore only enough space for four tents, accommodating the average Apple queue might be a problem. Maybe it'd be better for the the next Windows Phone launch instead.

Pics by Filip Dujardin.