7digital has announced that it is offering the new Radiohead album, The King of Limbs, as a better-than-CD quality FLAC 24-bit digital download.

The digital music store is stating that it is the first time the high bit-rate lossless format has been used for a major artists' album.

For £8.99, you'll not only get your 24-bit files, you'll also get the album in 16-bit FLAC as well as 320kbps AAC - so you'll have no worries putting it on your iDevice.

FLAC files can be played on a number of devices including Sony’s PSP, the Samsung Galaxy S, most SanDisk media players, BlackBerry smartphones and LogiTech Squeezebox machines. There's also talk that it could be coming to Apple devices soon.

Ben Drury, CEO 7digital said: “We support listener choice and strive to offer our customers the highest quality music downloads possible. That’s why we’re pioneering the move towards higher quality audio formats that offer higher quality music than the CD equivalents.

“The Radiohead album, produced by Nigel Godrich was recorded in 24-bit digital audio and it’s great listeners will now be able to download and hear the album in the quality it was recorded at.

“Films, television, and visual media have all moved towards higher quality HD formats, and the 24-bit FLAC format is essentially ‘FLAC HD’. The release of Radiohead’s album is the first new release from a major artist, and we’ll be extensively supporting FLAC and FLAC 24-bit going forward.” 

It's a big move from 7digital as, until now, the digital music age has been one dominated with compressed files and, as such, a compromise in quality.

But with massive storage options now available in the home, and on the go, there is definitely now a call for high quality digital files.

The King of Limbs is available now.