We at Pocket-lint get inundated with the results of various studies and surveys, more often than not stating the obvious: 100 per cent of iPad owners own an iPad, less than 1 per cent of cats have tried using a dating website - that sort of thing.

And although we usually ignore these emails, and keep the results away from our dear readers' eyes - we really couldn't dismiss the slightly obvious results from a recent survey from MyVoucherCodes.co.uk.

It seems that men welcome the idea of the private browsing option on their browsers. Of the 57 per cent of men who were aware of the function, almost three quarters said they welcomed the availability.

The press release may as well have read: "Men like looking at porn on the internet".

Only 39 per cent of women said they welcomed its addition - probably because they're concerned their other halves would be using it for some left handed surfing, rather than to secretly buy them a new ring as was naively portrayed on the IE8 advert.

Do you use private browsing? If so, what for? (Not too graphic please we're just looking to see if anyone actually uses it for online shopping). Let us know using the comments below.