Yahoo is looking to enter the Instant Search game with a platform going by that very name.

Answering the challenge laid down by Google when it introduced Google Instant last year, the exclamation-mark loving web giant has opened Yahoo Instant Search in beta.

The platform gives you the trending search topics of the moment, along with previews - so you've no excuse on missing out on the next Rebecca Black - and if your search term comes with Yahoo's big network you'll get a nice preview page.

It's all done in a drop down box, rather than a whole page of results refreshing as you type as per Google Instant, and if your search term is a common website, such as the BBC, then you'll get quick links to popular sections.

"With today’s launch, direct answers - not the search results page - is the primary focus," said Shashi Seth, senior vice president, Yahoo Search and Marketplaces

"We are redefining the search process and prominently displaying direct answers where search decisions are being made.

"Search Direct is evidence of Yahoo continuing to lead innovation in search, enabling people to take action faster, find what is most important, and sample what is possible with the next stage of search technology."

Try it for yourself at