AVG has extended its Android protection offerings by announcing the launch of AntivirusFree for Android tablets which, confusingly, also goes by the name of AVG Mobilation for Android.

But what's in a name? The important detail is that it will look after your Android tab, using a cloud based security platform.

AVG states that the app shouldn't hit your battery life too hard and it is able to scan other apps, settings, data and media files for cyber nasties.

It also offers a remote wiping facility should you leave your tablet on the bus, plus you can back up everything on your device to an SD card.

"A mobile device is more personal than your computer at home, as it goes next to your wallet and your house keys and contains relevant data, your contacts, your family photos and memories" said Omri Sigelman, VP of marketing and products at AVG Mobile Solutions.

"AVG Mobilation for Android tablet protects you from the threats that target precious data in mobile devices. It can even help you to locate your device on Google Maps and remotely wipe it if it should get stolen lost or stolen."

The app is available to download from DroidSecurity now.