News Corp's digital newspaper The Daily is all set to hit an iPad near you (should you happen to reside in Western Europe) before the first half of 2011 is up.

That's the news coming from Jonathan Miller, the chief digital officer at the media conglomerate. "Western Europe is up first in not too long from now," he said before stating the June deadline.

The Daily launched on 2 February to much fanfare, is available every day for 99c a week, or you can take a yearly subscription for $39.99 - all courtesy of Apple's in-app subscription platform. And it's the roll-out of the new subscription platform to Europe that should see the digital publication hitting the UK soon.

However, it looks as if we're simply going to get the US version of the The Daily - rather than our own localised content.

News Corp. will, therefore, be hoping that the lure of a digital, media rich, newspaper will be enough of USP to get us to part with our money. Miller admitted that the target audience for The Daily is, unsurprisingly, younger news seekers.

"It does skew younger," he said. "If you follow what's happening with news consumption around the world, it's ageing. And younger people as a generalisation are not consuming news at least in the ways they used to.

"So we want to make a product that has broad appeal and that means it has liveliness to it, its very graphic and is very pictorial - a lot of video on it, all media in the same place. It is skewing much younger than newspapers."

If you simply can't wait for The Daily to land in the UK, you could always set yourself up a US iTunes account. It's really not all that difficult.

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