We7 had announced the launch of its new radio service, in the form of a new mobile app, which will hit Android phones before any other.

The new mobile service will enable you to create your own personalised radio content on your handset - and best of all will be accessible without the continual need of an internet connection.

The app works by caching data from an initial connection made over Wi-Fi or 3G, after which, if your connection is interrupted, you'll still be able to receive tunes. The longer you leave the device to cache content, the longer you can expect to listen to music offf line.

Not perfect, but a fine solution that will suit some very well.

The app has two forms: the free version; where you'll be able to create up to 10 different radio stations, but with no specific choice of what you listen to, and adverts; whilst the paid-for version will bring the ability to choose your own songs, albums and playlists for £9.99.

The we7 Radio App is available from the Android Marketplace and will be followed in April with versions for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 versions will be launched later this year.