LogMeIn has added Android mobile viewer support to its free screen-sharing tool join.me, which allows you to share what’s on your screen with whomever you like. So you can still talk your team through that crucial end of year presentation, if that's the type of thing you have to do.

The free version of join.me allows up to 250 people to join an online meeting through a simple-to-use web portal. The join.me mobile viewer app for Android is free to download.

When on the join.me site, a quick click of the share button will produce a pin that you can then use to connect your Android device (once you've downloaded the join.me mobile viewer app) to any meeting you are hoping to be part of.

The release says it will be available for smartphones and tablets across Android OS 2.1 and 2.2, but the video is showing it working on Android 3.0.