In the increasingly competitive world of browsers, where major companies fight it out for a place on your PC, every detail is becoming a battle ground. And with Mozilla's latest announcement of Firefox 4 beta 11 being ready for download, it's also revealed its latest weapon: "Do not track" capabilities.

This news follows Microsoft's announcement of an anti-tracking tool due for IE9 in December 2010.

Currently, when you visit a website the chances are you'll be tracked by advertising networks who collect data on the sites you visit - thereby using the data to target their advertising at you.

This new function means a header will be sent signalling to websites that you wish to opt-out of online behavioural tracking, and seems like an attempt by Mozilla to create a simpler, more uniform system, compared to cookie-based solutions, which will enable web users to better understand online advertising.

You can read more about the "Do Not Track" function on Mozilla's blog.