Did you sit there watching the Google Honeycomb demonstration last week going "oooh" and "aaah" and practically salivating over its sexy Neon-blue, Tron-esque disposition?

If so, we've got a couple of pieces of good news for you.

Firstly, and just in case you missed it the news on Pocket-lint earlier, Honeycomb could be set into the wild as early as 24 February - if a leaked Best Buy advert featuring the Motorola Xoom proves accurate.

And secondly, and this is particularly good news if you've just made a high-pitched squealing noise when you read about the Xoom's apparent $799.99 price tag, there is a cheaper (as cheap as can be, in fact) way of getting in on the cool blue Honeycomb action - using the specially adapted Honeycomb Chrome theme designed by Roman Nurik.

Sure, it's not actually Honeycomb - but it looks super-cool and doesn't cost a penny shy of 800 bucks.

It's free and available to install now. Download it, give it a try and think of it as your Honeycomb nicotine patch - just there to tie you over until you save up enough money to splash out on a Motorola Xoom.