Arsenal fans rejoice, for it seems as if manager Arsène Wenger has given the green light to sign a couple of new defenders to join the squad.

Although sadly for Gooner fans, it's not Gary Cahill and Jonathan Woodgate, but a pair of Buffalo’s TeraStation ES Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices that will be used to store, access and share critical data at the club's Hertfordshire based training ground.

Sean O’Connor, facilities manager at the Arsenal training ground said: 

"My job is not to manage IT so I really needed a solution that just worked; the TeraStation was easy to set up and configure and was up and running immediately.

"The team love that the portable hard drives are plug-and-play as they can literally just plug them into their laptops and instantly access and upload data. The hardware encryption means that confidential information is fully protected by personal passwords.

"They are compact and lightweight so data can easily be transported and best of all, they come in red. It was like they were made just for Arsenal."

Not exactly the January transfer window signing that Arsenal fans would have hoped for, but if it keeps the players focused on their performances via their PCs, and keeps them away from MSN and webcam rendezvous then it's got to be a good thing.