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(Pocket-lint) - A solution, or part of one, may be at hand for any Android gaming fans struggling to find decent content in the Android Marketplace as Kongregate Arcade has announced it's coming to Android.

Kongregate Arcade - traditionally has had its fingers in the browser/web-based gaming pie, and now owned by GameStop - says it's brought over 300 flash-based games for Android users to download, as well as other parts of the service such as achievements, game ratings and the ability to comment.

The Kongregate Arcade service comes in the form of an app within the Android Market, which you can download in the normal way - gaming nirvana will then be assured, as the updates should appear weekly.

Jim Greer, CEO of Kongregate said: "In creating the Kongregate Arcade, we wanted to solve the game discovery problem that all Android owners have shared".

This move should go some way to bolster Androids ambitions as a bona fide gaming platform, as iOS and the App Store is still a huge draw for gamers wanting both stability and quality. In view of this, it's also worth mentioning that Kongregate Arcade games are, for the time being, free.

If you want to join in you'll need to be running Android 2.2 or above (lucky you) with a nice chunk of Flash 10.1 to boot. An internet connection is also required for downloading although some of the games can be run in offline mode.

Writing by Ben Crompton.