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(Pocket-lint) - Swiftkey will announce a new version of its Android keyboard app at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, the company behind the app has told Pocket-lint.

The app, which narrowly missed out on winning a Pocket-lint Gadget Award last year, predicts the word you are going to say next based on learning how you type and what you regularly say.

Although not detailing all the new features, Jon Reynolds, the co-founder of the intelligent keyboard, has told Pocket-lint that it is working on getting the apps ability to learn your writing style even better for the next version.

Reynolds is promising the software will be “96 per cent correct” when you type words in, as well as having the ability to learn how you type by analysing which keys you press incorrectly most of the time.

Those that use the app already will know that the software already does this, but Reynolds explains that rather than looking at all the possible letters around the key you’ve pressed it will look at working out how those letters fit into the word you are trying to type making it even better this time around.

If that wasn’t enough SwiftKey’s maker TouchType says that the new software will now scrape your Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail accounts, if you are happy for it to do so, to instantly learn how you talk rather than you having to spend a couple of weeks getting it to learn your style.  

More will be announced at MWC, including, we are told, details of a handset maker they’ve done a deal with for it to be pre-installed on, and more info on a tablet version.

Pocket-lint will be attending Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.