Firefox 4 will be getting an official launch in February, if predictions from Damon Sicore, Mozilla's senior director of platform engineering, ring true.

Speaking via a Mozilla developer's mailing list, the Mozilla exec said: "Team, we've worked tremendously hard on Firefox 4, and it's time to ship it.

"I'm seeing the same burst of excitement and activity that we've seen in the endgame of every release. We must press hard now...Firefox 4 is gonna kick ass. You should be fiercely proud of it".

Sicore pointed out that there are 160 significant bugs to iron out yet, but added that once that number gets down to 100, Mozilla will be about 6 weeks away from a release - hence the February aim.

Another beta release will come before the final, stable, release though - which should hit around the end of February.

"We need everyone to help in testing", Sicore said. "Specifically: Do not disable Flash, Silverlight, or other major plug-ins as we need as many people testing these as possible. Windows users: We need to know if you are affected by hardware acceleration causing crashes or other issues".

Firefox is now the most popular browser in Europe, and a fresh version release can surely only help to maintain that position.

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