If you thought that wireless charging was just a small scale operation, and only suitable for pocket-sized devices like your smartphone, then think again because over in Vegas at CES 2011 Pocket-lint witnessed a demo of a car being charged without wires.

The technology used to charge this Tesla Roadster was by Fulton Innovation, a subsidiary of the Alticor Corporation.

"Fulton has been working with partners in various industries to bring eCoupled technology to market and move beyond charging low-powered devices without cables", read an official statement from the company.

It used the electric vehicle to showcase eCoupled’s advanced wireless charging capabilities for large and high-powered devices.

The car is able to charged without wires simply by parking over an eCoupled-enabled pad that could be installed into your garage. There's also an accompanying iPhone app that gives you details of the battery charging progress.

There are no release details at present but as ever, we'll keep you posted.

Photos by Stuart Miles

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