Speakal, the novelty speaker king (remember the iGhost iPod dock) is over in Vegas with a whole host of new speaker setups, including these brilliant looking Doctor Who and Top Gear themed ones.

The Doctor Who TARDIS model is a Bluetooth speaker that features "powerful bass" and the Stig helmet inspired Top Gear effort has an iPod dock, a built-in digital amplifier, 25W of total output and a built in subwoofer.

“Top Gear and Doctor Who have some of the most die hard fans of any program in the world” said Speakal CEO David Solomon.  “We’re proud to offer their fan base these unique and lifelike replicas of their favourite BBC icons.”

As well as the novelty models, Speakal has also used CES as a launchpad for a number of more conventional (if somewhat still colourful) iPod docks including the FM radio packing, LED clock flashing SBPKX-100, the futuristic SB 12, the Bluetooth boasting iExecutive, the tubular Kurve and the retro-looking SB5.