Texas Instruments has announced, at CES 2010 in Las Vegas, that it will be launching a brand new DLP (Digital Light Processing) Pico HD chipset; bringing the availability of a "new era for on-the-go, big screen video and images".

Texas Instruments goes on to say that the DLP tech is currently being shown, and will be shipped by, a variety of manufacturers at CES, which include Samsung and Sharp 1080p 3D systems.

The 1080p DLP tech from Texas Instruments is being showcased by a massive Mitsubishi 92-inch DLP HDTV at CES - nearly 1/30 the size of a cinema screen - however the new Pico HD chipset, as the name suggests, should work with much smaller devices; as TI says: "devices that fit in the palm of your hand". Possibly hinting at more implementation of the tech into mobile phones.

Roger Carver, general manager, DLP Front Projection said: “The innovation of the DLP chip design is what makes DLP the only one able to produce 3D in a single projector solution, and the reason consumers will continue to see innovations from us and our customers”.

This announcement continues the ever-growing trend for manufactures to invest in 3D tech, and if this announcement is anything to go by it looks like TI is making sure its technolgy is in as many 3D pies as possible.

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