We’ve brought you a run-down of the top stories from the news and features lot, so it only seemed fair to bring you a round-up of the reviews you’ve been reading in 2010.

Reviews are divided into two categories – full Reviews and First Look reviews. The aim of the First Look is to bring you the latest details on the newest, hottest, devices: they are a reflection of the time we’ve spent with a device, often months before it is released to the public. This year we’ve seen controversy surrounding this type of “review” within the industry.

We aim to make it as clear as possible that we’re providing a snapshot of our experience with the device through our First Look reviews. We never write them without seeing the device in the flesh. We won’t try and con readers by writing a First Look off a spec sheet after a 10-second fondle. The aim isn’t to mislead, it is only to inform.

Over on the news side we have our newly revised “Hands-on” stories where we’ll provide a shorter snappier real-life encounter. This will let us bring you the details without the more extensive analysis that our First Looks provide. By having a variety of routes, we have a range of options to bring you the information you want. Of course, if there is something else you want to see, then let us know via the comments or on feedback@pocket-lint.com.

And so, after that brief aside, lets see what the top 10 reviews you have been reading are, presented in reverse order.

17 March: Canon’s new “travel zoom” compact camera reviewed, along with some great video footage of a Mercedes on the skid pan at Mercedes Benz World. The Canon SX210 packs loads of features into its eye-catching design, with features such as colour accent and miniature mode providing easy creative features.

first look image 1

16 September: HTC’s monster handset landed and we got our hands on it at the launch event in London. Launched alongside the HTC Desire Z, the Desire HD won our Award as the handset of 2010. Bringing with it a range of new features, as well as the massive 4.3-inch screen, the Desire HD is a powerhouse of an Android handset.

panasonic lumix dmc lx5 image 3

27 August: The follow-up to the LX3 was always going to be a hot camera. We first saw it at a launch event in Stockholm and followed-up soon after with a full review. An excellent camera, offering creative power in a compact body, the battle still rages with Canon’s S95 and we reckon there will be further developments in the high-end compact category in 2011.

first look image 5

7 September: Bringing you all the stories from the IFA show in Berlin, it was the Archos 101 that caught your eye. One of five Android tablets that Archos announced, the 101 is affordable but not unchallenged as we saw every man and their dog have a stab at Android tablets. Archos have been doing this for years, but can they bring anything unique to the table?

samsung n150 notebook image 8

25 February: Samsung have released a number of netbooks in 2010, with the N150 typifying everything we’ve come to expect from this category of portable notebooks. With averaging specs, but an appealing price and design, it was more popular with readers than it was with the review. And so you all pointed out.

samsung galaxy s image 1

8 July: Punching hard into the high-end Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy S remains one of our favourite phones of 2010. The AMOLED display is striking and Samsung’s All Share makes it really easy to consume your existing content on the device. We still complain that Samsung Kies is a terrible piece of software, particularly as it won’t let us update to Android 2.2.

sony ericsson u5i vivaz image 2

4 March: Sony Ericsson hasn’t had the smartest year in 2010. Moving over to offer a range of Android handsets, the Vivaz perhaps marked the end of the feature phone era. What it did pack, however, was an excellent camera with easy-to-use video capture producing great results. Shame the rest of the user interface was too firmly lodged in the past to really make an impact.

sony ericsson x10 mini pro image 1

5 July: Things don’t get much smaller than the X10 mini when it comes to Android handsets, the pro adding a sliding keyboard into the mix. We’d originally seen the phones at Mobile World Congress in February and were impressed that despite the small size the X10 mini pro was still usable. But with fierce competition from the likes of HTC, Samsung an Motorola, Sony Ericsson are still trying to get it right.

htc desire image 1

29 March: One of the real big guns of 2010. Launched at Mobile World Congress alongside the HTC Legend, the HTC Desire ushered in a slinky unibody design and tweaked the Google Nexus One launched a month before. It layered HTC Sense over Android resulting in a super connected and super sexy phone. As is the way, it’s pretty much obsolete now and we can expect an update in a couple of months – watch this space.

apple ipod touch 4g image 13

10 September: Apple’s September update saw all their iPods updated. The nano got smaller, the shuffle got buttons and the iPod touch got the high-resolution display from the iPhone 4. It also got the cameras, meaning FaceTime was now on the menu, although we were quick to slate the low specs of the camera. Shame on you Apple, especially at the price you ask for the touch 4G. It still holds the crown as the best PMP you can get, giving you access to all those lovely apps in the App Store.

So that was 2010 in Reviews, but there are still over 600 more reviews from 2010 to feast your eyes on. We now turn our attention to CES in Las Vegas, where we’ll be looking to bring you our first impressions on some of the hottest new gadgets, with glittering galleries of photos and all the insider gossip. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year.