First came the complex but ingenious hack for a 1980s knitting machine, and then came the all over knitted self-portrait ski mask/balaclava, which is in equal parts amazing and utterly scary.

Using a hacked version of the Brother KH-930e knitting machine, which can be fed bitmapped patterns from a computer using a modified connection, Andrew Salomone created a balaclava featuring his own face. He Photoshopped together several images taken from different angles around his head and then fed the device through the custom lead.

The pattern was then knitted in a cotton yarn and subsequently sewn together to make an all-over representation of his head, with the end-result being a bizarre, pixelised version of himself that can be worn down.

However, while it's cool, we can't really see much point here at Pocket-lint. For starters, there's no eye-holes, so why would it be worn down? And also, if you want to hide your identity (which, let's be honest, is one of the most famous uses of a ski mask) putting your own face on it rather defeats the object.

We could see it catching on in Xtreme Winter sports though.