If you've read any of our previous Flipboard coverage here on Pocket-lint, then you'll know that we're big fans of the iPad app.

But, if we're honest it was seriously lacking one thing - an RSS feed feature - that really would result in the app being the ultimate personalised iPad magazine.

Well, hold on to you hats because Google Reader is now on board - and it works brilliantly.

The move means that you can get all of the web content you want, in the nice Flipboard style magazine format. And it works as a decent standalone RSS reader as well, with shared items, comments and starring all available too.

As well the Google Reader addition, you'll also now be able to add a Flickr account to the app, where you'll be able to view photostreams, favourites and groups of photos.

The Twitter and Facebook aspects have also both been improved.

"You can now create new status updates, post photos, and even share Flipboard pages across Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader, and you can compose a new post from any where inside Flipboard", read a blog post to announce the changes. 

"You can even cross post between Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader. If you see an interesting article on Twitter, you can post that story on your Facebook wall. Simply put, you can post updates from anywhere, to any network".

Flipboard, version 1.1, is in the App Store now. It's free.