SwiftKey has released an update of its keyboard software for Android bringing with it a new HD skin, five new languages and a longer free trial.

“We’ve worked closely with UI experts to create a stunning high definition skin for SwiftKey, and from the feedback we’ve already received, people are loving it.” TouchType’s CEO Jon Reynolds said.

SwiftKey works by anticipating what users next word will be and offering that above the keyboard to help you typing it out.

“For those who write in US English, Wednesday’s release improves language prediction quality and adds a keyboard layout without accented characters. For international users, the app now supports Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Danish, Norwegian and Polish, and has support for Scandinavian keyboard layouts,” says the company.

SwiftKey is available on the Google Android platform as an unlimited, paid app for $3.99 and a free trial app, offering predictions for 31 days.

SwiftKey Version 1.1.74 Change Log:

- New HD skin with sharper graphics and font

- 14 languages now supported: English (US) English (UK) Czech

Danish Dutch French German Italian Norwegian Polish Portuguese (PT) Portuguese (BR) Spanish Swedish

- New keyboard layouts: QWERTY English (no accented characters on long-press) QWERTY International (accented characters on long-press) QWERTY Danish


QWERTY Norwegian QWERTY Swedish (AZERTY, QZERTY and QWERTZ also supported)

- New suggestions ribbon added in landscape mode for menu options (e.g. contact lookup in Gmail) - Trial now lasts 31 days

- Various bug fixes, including: Null Pointer Exception in resetTempLanguageModel Fixed candidates disappearing with hard keyboard after sending a message Added ç/Ç to AZERTY layout Support for hard keyboard microphone key on Motorola Droid 2 Fix crash in QuickOffice