Is there any part of everyday life that doesn't have an iPhone app associated to it now?

Seemingly not as the latest bizarre iPhone app and accessory has even tapped into what was once a tech-free zone - Christmas Dinner.

The iGrill is a multi-probe thermometer that keeps track of your meat's temperature, whilst the accompanying app keeps you informed.

The iGrill talks to your phone's app via Bluetooth and has a 60-metre range. It can operate up to a maximum temperature of 204-degrees Celsius.

When connected to the free app, it can alert you with the current temperature, as well as giving you a cooking time, and there are even some recipes on there as well.

“iGrill is doing much more than simply redefining how we cook and grill - it’s redefining how we socialise", said Connecticut-based inventor Christopher Allen Sr.

"By enabling multitasking between grill and guests, this device gives its owner back the most valuable commodity of all - time".

He sadly, stopped short of saying: "The iGrill will save mankind. It's what Jesus would have wanted".

The iGrill costs $99 (with additional probes priced at $19) and it is available now.