Remember Elf Yourself, the free eCard craze that has become steadily more popular each Christmas since its inception five years ago? You know, the one where you can add faces of loved ones or colleagues from your photo library to the bodies of elves as they jig around to hilarious effect? Well, they're back with new dances, new songs, and, if you visit the developer's own site, new themes.

Elf Yourself is still maintained and sponsored by OfficeMax, although it now offers a host of new features. Facebook and Twitter support allows you to post from the application itself, and it stores your faces (once edited) so you can drag and drop them as you see fit.

It also monetises the process by offering mugs and DVDs, etc, with your, er, mugs on - costing anywhere from $4.99. Or you can buy the video of the doctored dance as a digital download to put on an iPhone, iPod or other portable player.

However, if you visit the main page of JibJab, you'll also see that Elf Yourself is not the only offering. There's several other "add-yourself" eCards - and not just for Christmas. A few of them are also free.

Plus, if you create your face cut-outs on JibJab itself, you can be more accurate. It allows you to add points around the cut-out area for fine-tuning. And, you can set where the mouth is, as some of the new animations feature Captain Pugwash style lip movement.

Thankfully, as you have to log in with a free account, these will all be stored for future use, so the effort is worth it. Naturally, there are plenty of paid-for content too, plus merchandise if you're feeling flush.

Pocket-lint's favourite, beyond Elf Yourself, is Holiday Rock. Check out the Pocket-lint band... Stuart Miles, Paul Lamkin, Ben Crompton, Libby Plummer and myself, Rik Henderson.... Time to raaaawk!!!!

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