A report by broadband analyst Point Topic has revealed that Brits are not exactly getting a great deal when it comes to broadband.

The UK is ranked 24th in the world rankings, which works out the value in terms of the cost per Mbps.

The world leader is Hong Kong, who pay just 18p per Mbps and poor old Peru sits in last place, with its web surfers having to fork out a staggering £134 per Mbps.

"Consumers in different countries are faced with very different broadband tariffs, dependent on geography, market and network maturity, local competition and various levels and sources of subsidy", says Fiona Vanier, senior analyst at Point Topic.

"Nine of the ten best-value tariffs are either pure fibre or hybrid offerings where fibre is a significant part of the local loop. The exception is Germany, where Unity Media offer a cable service that is very competitive".

However, a BT spokesman told PC Pro that the Point Topic study doesn't paint the full picture.

"In our view the recent study by the European Commission which set out a Broadband Performance Index is probably better founded and more representative as it takes into account other factors relevant to the socio-economic benefits of broadband such as broadband coverage, competition by coverage, speeds, prices, use of advanced services, and socio-economic context", said the spokesman.

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