Let's be honest. There are chaps out there right now (maybe you're one of them, we're not judging you) that already have an external HDD stacked full of, ahem, ladies.

But why hide your collection of nudey pics away, when you can embrace them with the Playboy Archive Hard Drive?

This 250GB hard drive contains every single issue of Hef's famous title, from December 1953 to December 2009. That's 56 years of Playboy material, with 650 issues and over 100,000 pages (we'll leave it up to you to count the other stuff in there).

"This indispensable collector's edition features every issue of Playboy - exactly as it appeared in print. Get instant access to every unforgettable Playmate, as well as the legendary interviews, fiction by the most influential writers of our age, and even the fascinating advertisements".

You can browse the magazines using the onboard Bondi magazine navigation software, and it's USB-powered so there's no need for a separate power lead.

It's yours for $299.95, and is both PC and Mac compatible. And if the missus asks, you bought it for the articles.