Are you worried about wandering through the latest TSA X-ray machines at an airport because your bits and bobs will be flashed on a screen for the operator to gawp at? And do you wish you could make a silent protest; one that won't make you out to be some sort of dissident or troublemaker?

Well, 4th Amendment Wear could be for you. Worn underneath your normal clothes either as conventional underwear or just as a T-shirt, each piece of the special garments have the US 4th Amendment printed on them in metallic ink, which will light up on an X-ray for all to see.

The company also produces socks and children's underclothes with the same rights-asserting message.

Of course, it won't mean much to those on this side of the pond, but you might want to dabble just for the hell of it. And as the company's store is on Etsy, they'll ship to the UK (and anywhere else in the World).

Prices range from $10 (£6.50) plus shipping for a pair of socks, up to $34 (£22.10) plus shipping for a regular T-shirt.

You can find out more from the company's website at