A new gay iPhone app has recently launched that could be just the thing if you're gay, on the look-out for a new partner, and prefer a more virtual route to finding the man of your dreams.

Now available through the iPhone app store, the Gaydar iPhone app recently had an update to v1.5 on 8 November which has helped boost the service to position 35 within the UK, so it looks like a pretty quick uptake.

So to find out more, read on as App of the Day is...


iPad (also available on iPhone/iPod touch)

Pocket-lint would probably describe itself as more bi-curious than out-and-out gay or bisexual, however that doesn't stop us from appreciating the wealth of options that the app version of the popular online dating site offers.

This includes integration with the most popular features of Gaydar including "Friends& Favourites", "Tracks", "Messages" and "Search" and offers sophisticated features and safety tools.

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There's a location feature, which you can opt out of, that enables you to share your whereabouts with chums, and you'll also be able to upload images in public areas of the site - if you want to go "tackle out" the app allows for five private photos to be attached to messages. Safety is also key to the app’s Nearby function, displaying searches at a minimum of 75 metres away no matter how close someone is.

Simon Johnson, product manager at Gaydar, commented: “The app is set to take our users social life to another level enabling you to arrange mates and dates on the go.  I’m addicted and fire up the "Nearby" search whenever I’m at the gym, on the train or at home. I’m finding new guys on the menu each time”.

Pocket-lint wouldn't recommend firing up the "Nearby" search function quite as much as that, as addiction can often warp your decision-making skills, and it's important to be in the right place mentally before embarking on any kind of relationship - still, if you're looking for homophile high-jinx look no further.