A project has been undertaken by ad company Saint, as part of Internet Week Europe to find out whether 10-year-old children can do a better job of drawing the Internet, than professional creative illustrators - called Can You Draw The Internet.

Yes, it has the air of gimmick about it, but then that's nothing unusual and the results are bound to be very interesting.

Saint has drafted in some top-notch chaps to have a go, including the likes of Anthony Burrill, Peskimo and Andy Rementer all doing work, along with lots of other top creative folk from numerous different agencies.

It's a tricky call as to who will come out as the most imaginative, and to be honest it's a bit of a silly question to ask.

On the one hand, most of the actual drawing done by the grown-up illustrators will be better, and probably most of the ideas as well - seeing as some great illustrators are placing their work for the world to see, the artists will have a interest in making it decent - it's their job. Whereas it's highly possible that the children will be bashing out most of the drawings in a fraction of the time it took many of the pro artists, and doing it with far less concern.

Saying that, children always have the ability to surprise when it comes to creativity, as they're not fighting against all those emotional and psychological barriers and filters that adults have built-up over the years.

Come 12 November, Saint will be holding a workshop where it’ll get the 10-year-olds to draw their interpretations with crayons, chalk, pencils, fuzzy felt and plasticine. After that, everything is uploaded to the website where people will vote on the best ones.