LimeWire, which was effectively closed down earlier this month after a US federal judge granted a request from the RIAA to shut the platform down, after being accused of mass piracy, has now been the victim of pirates itself.

As Bart Simpson would say; "The ironing is delicious".

However, you won't hear the LimeWire community complaining, as the new version of LimeWire that has been born out of the rotting corpse of the original is supposedly better and more-streamlined than ever.

A secret development team took the reigns of the Gnutella client and have reintroduced it as LimeWire Pirate Edition. Based on LimeWire 5.6 beta, the new version gets rid of the Ask toolbar, and adds a number of the Pro features for free.

"On 26 October the remaining LimeWire developers were forced to shut down the company’s servers and modify remote settings in the filesharing client to try to harm the Gnutella network", said a TorrentFreak source. "They were then laid off".

"Shortly after, a horde of piratical monkeys climbed aboard the abandoned ship, mended its sails, polished its cannons, and released it free to the community.

"LimeWire Pirate Edition should work better than the last functioning version of LimeWire, and it should keep working for longer. There’s no adware or spyware: the piratical monkeys are doing this for the benefit of the community".

Available via various torrent sites, LimeWire Pirate Edition works on Windows PCs. We'll not provide the links - you be naughty at your own risk.

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