My Taptu for iPhone and Android has gone live, bringing with it streams of news for free.

The release could potentially be a big kick in the teeth for Pulse, who specialises in news streams (and also featured at Steve Jobs' iPad keynote) - especially if a rumoured iPad version lands as well.

Taptu, who previously had an app that revolved around mobile searching on a touchscreen, is a British company, based in Cambridge.

The app gives you highly personalised news streams in a simple, touchscreen friendly layout. It looks a lot like Pulse and the BBC News app, with scrollable horizontal streams.

The streams are populated either by single streams from selected outlets, mixed streams that combine subject matters, visual streams from chosen websites or social streams that integrate your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn data (much like Flipboard on the iPad).

In total, you can have up to 5000 mixed streams - compared to just 20 in Pulse.

"My Taptu is a clever yet simple social news aggregator that we believe our customers will return to many times a day", said Mitch Lazar, CEO of Taptu.

"We set out to give our customers the one-stop-app for the latest news and views from all the best sources, including their own friends and family, and that’s exactly what we’ve achieved".

My Taptu is showing up in the US App Store at present, but not yet in the UK one. This is usually the way though so, unless you've got a US iTunes account, you'll just have to be patient.

It's also available in the Android Market.