It may have been 27 years since the movie WarGames, but the threat of cyber-attack still puts the willies up governments who rely more and more on computer systems for every part of their defence strategies. So, security experts from around Europe have started to run cyberwar simulations, to gauge how to respond to any eventualities.

Named "Cyber Europe 2010", the initiative is being operated by a number of specialists in the continent, including the European Network Security Agency, and, over the coming weeks and months, will emulated hacks and attacks on networks around the member states.

The UK is playing a central role in the simulation, with the European head of digital agenda, Neelie Kroes, visiting the country's cyber-attack centre: "This exercise to test Europe's preparedness against cyber threats is an important first step towards working together to combat potential online threats to essential infrastructure and ensuring citizens and businesses feel safe and secure online", said Kroes.

Simulated attacks have been run in the US for many years, but this is the first time that Europe has adopted the same tactic.

We say, arrest Matthew Broderick now before it gets any worse.

Oh, and let Gary McKinnon be tried and sentenced in the UK, please.

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