During a tour of the Braun Collection - the shaver and grooming company's in-house museum, dedicated to its multitudes of electronic products released over the years - Pocket-lint made a startling discovery. Hidden in the basement of the site in Kronberg, Germany, away from public view, was a series of models depicting patents of shaving machines designed in the 1800s.

Clearly depicting the work of madmen and/or Sweeney Todd, the models were made by an enterprising artist and donated to the Collection - presumably as Braun is synonymous with shaving products. Certainly, the idea of cut-throat razors being waved around in the air by steam-driven automatons is enough to stop anybody whinging about the pitfalls of dry shaving over wet.

Perhaps the machines should be developed, if only to up the amount of those taking part in Movember -the annual moustache-growing charity event that takes part throughout, you guessed it, November.

With money being raised for The Prostate Cancer Charity and Everyman, while raising awareness for both in the process, it's something we feel strongly about at Pocket-lint.

We're not so eager to support razor wielding Georgian period robots, however.

What do you think? Would you like a shave from an 1830s contraption? Let us know in the comments below...