App of the day is upon us once again and while we should still be working, it's Friday and that means the weekend is almost here.

In steps the chance for us to slope off early and play some games, so with that in mind we give you Bejeweled on Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7

Yep it's the classic game that you've probably played a thousand times before on some other platform be it your desktop PC or non smartphone (can you even remember those days).

app of the day bejeweled windows phone 7  image 2

The idea for you youngens who've got no idea what we are currently talking about is you have a screen of jewels that you have to match up in lines of three or more. Doing so makes those disappear and more appear. The win you have to match up as many as you can in an allotted time and in doing so you get more points, more "special" balls and basically things start to get addictive.

Here and dedicated to the Windows Phone 7 version is connectivity to Xbox LIVE Achievements and Leaderboards allowing you to compare scores with your friends and Bejeweled fans from around the globe.

On the achievement front there are 20 to earn and you can play three different modes: Classic mode, Action (against the clock) or Endless play where it just never, and we mean never stops.

app of the day bejeweled windows phone 7  image 3

Yep this is one for the old skool puzzler in you, and yep compared to the latest and greatest graphics that are possible, it's all a bit basic, but what it lacks in new fangledness, it certainly makes up for in addictive gameplay.

Great fun if you like your simple puzzles.