So, you’ve missed out on Take That tickets. Seetickets, Ticketmaster, Aloud and all the usual ticket websites have buckled, crashed and more or less dropped off the internet under the strain. They’re basically no longer an option and it’s time to face facts. You’re not going to be able to get hold of them via the usual channels. So, just how do you find Take That tickets for sale online. Here are a few ideas for those desperate to see Robbie’s reunion with the boys. Best of luck.

Whether it’s looking to see if there are any going second hand or looking for where to hoover up the remaining few, it’s always going to be worth keeping your eyes on the networks. Announce to your friends that you’re looking for them on Facebook - if you can handle the social embarrassment - and on Twitter as well. Don’t expect to hear much back with any haste but it’s well worth having an iron in the fire. Better still will be to follow the #takethat hashtag on Twitter. Eventually, some bright spark will find a place that’s still selling new Take That tickets or will let you know when the official sites manage to get themselves up and running again.

Chances are, of course, that much of the problem will be caused by those filthy touts looking to cash in big time. Take That tickets are certain to pop up on Gumtree and eBay often at ridiculously inflated prices. However, among all those, there’ll also arrive a few genuine people who’re just looking to shift theirs when they realise that it’s actually the date of their wedding or such. So, don’t be put off and do keep checking. One option is to use eBay’s Saved Search system which will email you once anything titled “Take That Tickets - Manchester” or wherever you’re prepared to go pops up on the site. If you’re only looking to buy at face value - good for you - then Scarlet Mist is the place to go for all ethical gig ticket sales.

You’re asking for trouble here, but one way of doing things would be to set up a Google Alert for “Take That tickets for sale”. You’re going to be absolutely bombarded with results of people looking to buy them, but pan through the rivers of results and you might just turn up some gold.

There are a whole host of sites out there that act as ticket markets and third party agents. Generally speaking you can get what you want so long as you’re prepared to pay through the eyeballs for it. Viagogo is knocking them out at around £150 at the moment and Sold out Tickets for a little less. If there’s no joy with these ones, then a 5-minute Google search should pop up enough options for those willing to pay extra.

Take That aren’t just touring the UK and Ireland. So, have another bite at the ticket rush cherry and make a little holiday out of it. Much better than seeing them in rainy old Manchester. Tickets go on sale on 5 November 2010 for dates in Milan, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Munich. Don’t forget to adjust for time zones.

There’s bound to be a second release of tickets at some point - if only even a few. So, sign up to the newsletters of the big ticket websites, follow their Twitter streams and hang right on to their RSS asses.

If all else fails, it’s always worth turning up at the venue on the night of the gig and seeing what gives. Don’t buy the first ones you get offered for 20 times the price from some dirty tout. There will be normal human beings trying to sell their spares at face value and, even if there aren’t, the touts will soon drop their prices when they realise that they’re not going to get rid of the ones they have. If you can wait till the gig has begun, then so much the better, and, in terms of making yourself known, a t-shirt with “Looking to buy tickets” on it should mark you out quite nicely.

If you can't face any of these, then it might be time to give up and do the only thing close to going to the gig - recreating it at home. Your two options are either a) buy a big, fat home cinema system, invite your mates round, get really drunk and watch whichever date they choose to televise live or on Blu-ray, or b) the same as the above but including SingStar Take That edition as well.