Tesco has just released an update to its online iPhone shopping app, which should help you regain control of your life in a shopping emergency. The update is for barcode scanning, and is compatible with iOS 4 only.

This could prove very handy. For instance, the example given by Tesco suggests that your children might have eaten the last of the cheese (little sods). What then, could be simpler than just scanning the barcode of the empty packaging? This will then update your shopping list  which will be added when you go to check out.

Tesco Groceries


Not only is the barcode update a pretty decent addition, but it should solve a few outstanding issues with the original version as it fixes the problem of missing shelves and delivery slots.

app of the day tesco groceries barcode reader update for iphone  image 2

The app works by scannin gthe barcode through you iPhone's camera, just hold the product's barcode and it will scan and search automatically without you having to press the camera button - the product will then be added. There are some handy videos on the Tesco website which will guide you through the process.

The app also allows you to book delivery slots, change existing shopping lists, display nutritional and storage info for products, and browse for products by department, shelves or aisle.

This app is going to be really handy for us at Pocket-lint Towers, as quite apart from children eating too much cheese, when Gertrude, the Pocket-lint cow, next gets into the strawberry patch our Fragaria-based needs will be just a click away.