has been snapped up by an unknown (to us, at least) company based on the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean.

The notable domain has been up for grabs since July, when its previous owner Escom LLC was declared bankrupt; Clover Holdings were the top bidders and nabbed the address for a cool $13 million.

However, it is thought that Escom purchased the domain for $14 million back in 2006, so obviously the price of sex has gone down. Somebody better tell Wayne Rooney. Boom boom.

The domain has had quite a turbulent existence. Its original owner was founder Gary Kremen who first registered it in 1994, but lost control of it to "conman" Stephen Cohen 2 years later.

After a lengthy court battle Cohen was fined $65m and served a prison sentence for his illegal taking of the domain.

We wonder what Clover Holdings will do with the catchy sounding domain. Some sort of news site we imagine...