PacketVideo, the team behind the TwonkyBeam web based media sharing platform, has announced its latest service - Twonky Mobile for Android.

The app, which is free for a limited time, allows you to beam all of your media, whether that be video, music or photos, over to "any web-connected gadget or device".

The app allows you to share your local media, i.e. stuff you've got saved on your phone, as well as any media that it picks up via your phone's browser. Simply go to a webpage and you can chuck over any media that the app picks up on the page.

You can also choose to have the Twonky Mobile app sync all of your media directly to your PC or Mac via your home network.

"PacketVideo was the pioneer of putting video on a mobile phone - we have a long history of creating multimedia experiences on wireless devices and with this application and our Twonky products, we're continuing to innovate to enable people to share media anytime, anywhere on any device", said Osama Alshaykh, CTO of PacketVideo.

"We've designed Twonky Mobile to be easy and intuitive for anyone to use, because we believe unleashing your media shouldn't be a privilege limited to a few tech-savvy people but an experience accessible to every music, video and photo lover".

Twonky Mobile is, as mentioned, free at the moment with the price set to rise to $2.99 in January 2011. It's in the Android Market now.