Golf's 2010 Ryder Cup has made history in two ways - not only is it the first sporting tournament to be shown in 3D, it's also the first time in the cup's 83-year run that play has carried on until the Monday - a result of the glorious UK weather. Thanks to heavy rain at Newport, Wales, the golfing action was something of a washout over the weekend.

If you've got a Sunday ticket or a season ticket for all the days then you'll be able to watch the play live at Celtic Manor today (assuming that there isn't another cloudburst). However, if you haven't got a ticket and you're not one of the thousands of skivers that have decided to pull a sickie today, then you might be left panicking at the thought of missing out on the action.

Fear not, we've got the answers - read on to find out how you can keep up with Tiger Woods and co.

Obviously, if you're at home, then this is simple enough - just stick the telly on. However, if you're at work, then now is the time to make use of Sky Player. This service enables Sky subscribers to watch live TV broadcasts from Sky on their computer (or Xbox 360).

Alternatively, if you've got Sky at home then you can watch it elsewhere courtesy of Sling Media's Slingbox which lets you watch and control your home TV broadcasts over the internet from anywhere in the world.

We've already mentioned the Slingbox and if you're wise enough to have invested in one then you can watch your home Sky broadcasts on Slingplayer on your PC or Mac. Don't despair if you're not a fully paid-up Sky subscriber - all is not lost. You can follow the action live on BBC radio (either from a portable or directly from your computer) and you can also follow the text updates on the BBC Sport website.

If you're going for text-based following, then you can also harness the power of Twitter by either following the official Ryder Cup tweets at or choose from one of the many unofficial twitter feeds.

There are also plenty of ways to keep up to speed with the action if you're out and about. As already mentioned, Twitter is a great way of following the play, particularly if you've got a smartphone. You can also access various videos while on the move, including roundups of the highlights and updates. If you've got an iPhone, then you can download the official Ryder Cup app, that lets you keep up with the scores and watch highlights.

If you've got Sky at home then you can watch it on your mobile device using Sling Media's SlingPlayer Mobile, which works on iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian smartphones. Even if you haven't got Sky set up on your home TV, you can subscribe to Sky Mobile TV for £6 a month, as long as you have a 3G phone with Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile or 3.

Have you got any other ways of keeping up with the golf? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.