Navmii, the GPS app specialist, has come up with a free offering in the App Store to compliment its premium effort.

The Navmii NavFree app, which is also iPad friendly, uses maps from an open source mapping system, that have been built by over 250,000 users.

The maps require users to keep the details up to date, and as such, there is a chance of inaccuracies and a lack of data for more rural areas, but you can always add information to the project yourself if something needs amending.

But, if you can put up with a few errors every now and again (you've always got your Google Maps app if you get lost, after all) you're getting a totally free, full functioning GPS satnav app, which covers the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

You can do all the usual satnav stuff, like postcode searches, or simply setting the destination to a street or city, and there's full turn-by-turn voice navigation.

It also has estimated arrival times, journey distance data and it will re-route you if you take a wrong turn. It even taps into Google's local search if you want to find something specific.

Peter Atalla, CEO of Navmii said: "NavFree changes the face of GPS navigation on the iPhone. Anyone with an iPhone can now have satellite navigation for free. 

"Mapping is provided by OpenStreetMap and is stored on the iPhone, making NavFree faster and more accurate than other free navigation services. What’s more, because the maps are stored on the phone, there are no mobile data charges - just high quality, no cost navigation".

As mentioned by Atalla, the map details are all stored within the app and this does of course mean quite a hefty initial download - 292MB to be precise.

But, this is a fair price to pay for not having to worry about eating into your data allowance.

Plus, the app is free - so quit your whining.

It's available in the App Store now, expect to see it getting the once over in Pocket-lint's App of The Day series sometime soon.