Galapagos doesn't exactly strike us as a tech buzz word, but it's the moniker chosen by Japanese giant Sharp for its latest ebook assault.

Sharp's Galapagos is a cloud based ereader service that has been developed to work on two brand spanking new, tablet-like devices.

There are rumours afoot that these devices are rocking an Android OS as well (version unknown), although we haven't seen this confirmed officially by Sharp anywhere as of yet.

First up is a mobile 5.5-inch LCD device, with a 1024 x 600 resolution, has a track-ball for turning pages and comes in either silver or red.

Next is the bigger, 10.8-inch, HD (1366 x 800) LCD screen version that supports a two-page, magazine spread format. This big boy is available only in black.

Both devices are XMDF compatible and have 802.11b/g Wi-Fi on board. They feature “Automatic Scheduled Delivery Service” for periodical publications - meaning you can get your favourite newspapers or magazines auto-downloaded if you pay the relevant fees.

They come with a web browser and social networking apps pre-installed and "PC data, including documents and maps, can be converted to XMDF format, and can be viewed on the media tablet".

Galapagos is set for a December launch over in Japan, with approximately 30,000 newspapers, magazines and books promised for launch.