Foursquare has launched a new version of its iPhone app, version 2.0, and with it brought new features to the act of checking in at your favourite bar or location.

"When we started foursquare, we dreamed it would be much more than check-ins. We really wanted to build tools that would help people collect and share their real-world experiences," says Foursquare on its official blog.

Version 2.0 of the iPhone app basically splits up Tips and To-Dos currently in version 1 and, according to Foursquare, now means that users will notice separate sections for both Tips and To-Dos.

"Our thinking is that by making it easier to access your To-Do list, foursquare will be better at helping you remember all the interesting things you want to experience nearby."

Once something is added to your To-Do List, you’ll see a blue ‘dog ear’ for that place whenever it pops up in your nearby places list say the social networking site. The next time you check in at Butter Lane for example, you will get a reminder of any of the To-Dos you’ve saved for that venue.

Another new feature includes ‘Add to My foursquare’ button that lets you as the name suggests, add a place to your map to check out later.

Foursquare say that in the USA, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Zagat, Time Out Chicago, Time Out New York, National Post, and New York magazine will be implementing buttons like the Facebook like buttons already populating the web that let you add to My Foursquare details from restaurant reviews and the like.

You can download the app now.

Thanks Paul