UK music streaming service We7 is the latest to announce that it has launched an Android app for music fans looking to listen to their favourite tracks on the go on devices from HTC, Motorola and Samsung.

Users are able to play music by searching for their favourite songs, artists or albums and access and build playlists directly from their smartphone say the company for the same price as Spotify's premium app - £9.99.

"There is no limit to the amount of music that can be streamed each month and favourite content  can also be cached, meaning users don’t need internet connection to listen to their favourite music," say We7.
However in a slightly different approach, users will be able to trial the service for two weeks before having to stump up any cash, something that Spotify currently doesn't offer, but has expressed an interest in, to Pocket-lint, previously.

"We know that many consumers have been frustrated with mobile music apps in the past, generally, they download ‘free apps’ but cannot play songs without paying for a subscription. We wanted to resolve this, that’s why we’ve included the free trial so users can sign up and immediately play music.  Users just need to go to The Android Marketplace and download it, we’re confident that they’ll love it!”

The new Android we7 application has had a significant facelift from its iPhone counterpart and includes features such as a new user interface and off-line mode so you can play music when there is no connection.

Android users interested in trialling the app should visit the Android marketplace from their handset and search for we7.  

Then, they simply need to follow the instructions to receive a two-week free trial ahead of deciding whether they want to access the full application.

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