This may sound like a joke to some, but if your broadband isn't up to scratch then it might not seem quite so funny.

On Thursday, ten plucky pigeons carrying USB sticks were released from a Yorkshire farm, making the 120-mile journey to Skegness in just an hour and a quarter. In the meantime, a five-minute video download was started simultaneously, and only managed to transfer 24 per cent of a 300MB file in the same time frame.

Not exactly the most scientific of experiements, granted, but it does seem to the suggest that the broadband available in some parts of the UK is still way below par.

While some industry experts claim that up to a third of UK homes still can't get broadband, ISPs, such as BT, insist that the figure is much lower.

But don't worry, if you do live in a area with dodgy broadband, it'll be sorted by 2015 which is the deadline the UK government has given for ensuring that every home receives a minimum level of 2Mbps.