A nasty email virus is currently doing the rounds, munching its way through inboxes worldwide, and one of the major reported casualties is US space agency NASA.

The worm, which McAfee describes as the "Here you have" virus, is distributed in old school fashion, appearing in email inboxes with an attachment that, once opened in Windows, attempts to clone and send itself to everybody in the email client's contact list.

It also attempts to disable your computer's security software, and has become so widespread now, that anti-virus companies have issued a global email warning. If it isn't nipped in the bud now, the worm could potentially grind email servers, both locally and networked, to a halt.

Unfortunately, that has come too late for some, including NASA and Comcast, who have both been attacked of late.

The best way to avoid picking up the virus yourself, and help to slow its distribution, is to avoid opening any emails with the subject line "Here you have", even if they are from family or friends.

Have you been hit by the Here you have virus? If so, let us know what happened to your computer in the comments below...