According to a survey commissioned by the Rovi Corporation, a vast majority of UK residents believe that, in the next five years, television will become almost exclusively video-on-demand.

A staggering 97 per cent of those asked, from a poll of 1,000 people aged from 20-60plus, said that they "expect to be getting all TV or video content from the internet or recorded (DVR/PVR) to watch on their own schedules".

In addition, because of the shift to catch-up and VOD services, less people are talking or gossiping about TV shows as they don't want to spoil surprises for friends, family or colleagues. Nearly 70 per cent of those asked said that they no longer discuss a show they've seen or, at least, would ask first before starting to talk.

Rovi's chief evangelist Richard Bullwinkle states, “The television has always been an icon of entertainment culture and has influenced mainstream culture since it made its way into living rooms across the globe".

"In this survey, we’ve taken a look at how people have incorporated new TV technologies in their daily lives to continue to adapt our product design to best fit consumers’ preferences and viewing habits".

Formerly known as Macrovision, and therefore responsible for the copyright protection on DVDs (among other things), Rovi currently creates entertainment software, which it licenses to external companies for rebadging: “What we’re doing at Rovi is looking at how we can create a better entertainment experience for TV viewers. Our technologies, such as Rovi TotalGuide, enable easier navigation, browse, search and recommendations,” adds Bullwinkle.  "We think these technologies will be a benefit to viewers, providing them with even greater options in how they watch TV".

Certainly, according to these results, Brits are well-prepared for the VOD invasion.

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