Pocket-lint has already brought you news of 3D porn hitting Asia, now you can have it in your own home. Youporn.com has launched a 3D video area of its free clips website.

Currently featuring three videos (which we discovered while conducting important journalistic research - naturally), the site requires the use of traditional red and cyan-eyed stereoscopic 3D specs, which it doesn't supply. Of course, if you've bought any number of 3D DVDs or Blu-ray discs in the last few years - before the recent active / passive TV craze - then you should have a pair to hand.

If not, you could always hold up a couple of Quality Street wrappers in front of your eyes, you'll pretty much get the same effect. Mind you, for that you'd probably need both hands.

Now, obviously, Pocket-lint can't comment on the quality of the clips themselves, we're far too prissy and pure to have actually watched them. Ahem. But, we do like the fine bush in the background of the Lapdance clip... It's reminds us that we need to nip to the Garden Centre on the weekend.

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