Boffins from the UK's Northumbria University have discovered that there is a formula to separate good dancing from bad.

Using 3D motion capture techniques, a study led by psychologist Dr. Nick Neave and researcher Kristofor McCarty, found that male dance patterns that use the whole body, including the neck and upper torso, were more likely to be attractive to women, than those where just the arms and legs were used.

The research team recorded dances by 19 male volunteers, captured them and showed the result to 37 straight women. The female contingent then rated each dance from one to seven, thus scoring good moves highly and poor ones low. Finally, the best moves were put together to demonstrate the perfect dancing combination.

If you can dance like this, you're a lucky man

Speaking on the Northumbria University website, Dr Neave said: "This is the first study to show objectively what differentiates a good dancer from a bad one. Men all over the world will be interested to know what moves they can throw to attract women".

“We now know which area of the body females are looking at when they are making a judgement about male dance attractiveness. If a man knows what the key moves are, he can get some training and improve his chances of attracting a female through his dance style.”

The scientists have also put together a video of the worst moves, so if you normally dance with your head down and shuffle about like a zombie, be prepared to go home alone...

The only thing you're likely to get if you dance like this is blisters

What do you dance like? Or, if you're a lovely lady, do would think the moves above would peak your interest? Let us know in the comments below...