iPod docks are a bit, well, meh - apart from the best ones that money can buy as highlighted by Pocket-lint, of course.

But over at IFA there was one that caught our beady eye - The Sound Platform from SoundFreaq.

SoundFreaq's effort throws in Bluetooth so technically the dock isn't a dock at all (unless you want it to be a dock that is, because there is a dock built-in to make it a dock if you so wish).

But if you don't want to have to keep plugging your iPhone in, or you want to throw over some tunes from your iPad, or your PC, MacBook or any other device with Bluetooth on board, then you can.

And the sound should be pretty good as well. SoundFreaq explains:

"To achieve optimum sound performance, The Sound Platform's drivers are custom made and fit into a fine tuned, dual port design. This results in accurate vocal clarity and bass response. The acoustics have been tested extensively, both in the lab and with audio experts, to tune the system to achieve optimal performance".

There's a free app in the App Store to make the experience a bit more enjoyable, although you can just use your device's controls if you prefer.

The Sound Platform by SoundFreaq will be available from November 2010 for £199.99.

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