(Pocket-lint) - We get it, you like the Simpsons. Homer is a figure that you happily look up to in life and Bart is the child you always wanted to be.

You've also got an Apple iPad, iPhone or MacBook and are keen to show that you love both your Apple product and, The Simpsons (yes we know you sang that bit like the theme tune).

So what's a fan to do? Embrace your love of course. Be proud. Wear it like a badge, a badge of honour, a badge of...

Sod it, Smithers, release the hounds.

D'oh iPhone

Nothing says Homer better than an Apple hitting him on the back of the head as he walks away. Just added to Etsy, is a full colour high quality vinyl sticker for your iphone, be it 3G or iPhone 4.

Price: $9.90


Hmmm, Apple iPhone

If Homer isn’t getting smacked on the back of the head with an Apple he is eating it. From the same makers as the D'oh iPhone case, this is a full colour high quality vinyl sticker for your iphone that shows everyone that Homer likes to eat.

If only the iPhone's apple logo was a donut.

Price: $9.90


Donut - MacBook

Any fan will tell you that donuts are Homer's best friend, no really. So what better way to show your love for The Simpsons, without going totally all out with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa or Maggie, than with a sticker of a pink donut that surrounds your Apple logo on your MacBook or iPad.

In fairness it's probably the weakest of the bunch, but it will still get the message across.

Price: $10.90


Grab that apple - MacBook

When Homer is hungry, Homer wants what he can't have. This sticker decal is for MacBook 13 or MacBook Pro 13 and not really suitable for the black MacBook, and shows Homer reaching for the Apple to eat.

Price: $5.99


Munch - MacBook

So the donut decal isn't for you, but what Homer really does best is munching, munching anything in fact, even the Apple logo that's beaming out the back of your laptop.

This full colour high quality vinyl sticker for your MacBook or iMac will give you and everyone else a chuckle.

Oh, and if you really don't like it, the sticker can be easily removed with no residue left over.

Price: $8.90


Nevermind Bart - MacBook

What do you get if you cross Nirvana's Nevermind album with Bart Simpson and an Apple MacBook? Bart naked swimming for the Apple logo as if it was a homage to Nirvana.

Confused, nostalgic, but can you pull it off on the 16:54 from Waterloo? That comes down to how cool you really are.

Price: $9.99


Rainbow Marge - iPad and MacBook

It's not all about Homer, or Bart. Marge gets a look in with this iPad and MacBook decal that shows the fun and colourful way that The Simpsons can have on your life and your Apple products.

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This decal brings back the Apple of old and a bit of song and dance feeling too.

Ta dah.

Price: $10.90


Bart Swarovski style iPhone case

Featuring over 1000 Swarovski crystals, this iPhone 3G case is the ultimate way of showing your love for The Simpsons, Bart style.

Of course, costing $310 this will show your love with your bank balance as well.

Price: $310


Writing by Stuart Miles.